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Graham Day

Bio: I have an interest in history and also creating websites. I decided to combine those interests together, and created a number of websites with historical content over the years. The website were created using HTML and CSS. More recently, I have created and designed from scratch the 'Horizon' WordPress Theme. Surprisingly the theme is designed for history based websites. The journey continues, developing the theme, and improving on SEO.

king henry vi (1421-1471)
King Henry VI

King Henry VI (1421-1471) of England. Inherited the throne at 9 months old, became King of France. The last king of the Lancastrian dynasty.

spitfires being produced in a factory during early 1940s.
Britains Economy during War

Britains Economy during the war relied on the British Empire and Commonwealth, then financial and other aid from the United States in 1940-41

the battle of new orleans, 1815
Battle of New Orleans 1815

Battle of New Orleans in 1815 between the British and Americans was the last battle of the War of 1812, with the Treaty of Ghent.

death of major-general robert ross at the battle of baltimore
Battle of Baltimore 1814

Battle of Baltimore between British and Americans, Royal Navy Siege of Fort McHenry in 1814 was a land and sea Battle of the War of 1812.

burning of washington, 1814
Battle of Bladensburg 1814

Americans were defeated at Battle of Bladensburg in 1814, British soldiers set fire to the White House in Washington during the War of 1812.

perry breaks the line
Battle of Lake Erie 1813

A battle on Lake Erie between the ships of the British Royal Navy and United States Navy off the coast of Ohio during the War of 1812.

the death of sir isaac brock
Battle of Queenston Heights 1812

Battle of Queenston Heights first major battle of the War of 1812, death of British Major-General Isaac Brock, the Independence of Canada.

the duke of wellington
Arthur Wellesley – Duke of Wellington

1st Duke of Wellington (1769-1852), Commander-in-Chief of the British army during the Napoleonic Wars, and British Prime Minister.

napoleon bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), Emperor Napoleon I, and military leader of the French Empire of the 19th Century during Napoleonic Wars.

king henry vii
King Henry VII

King Henry VII (1457-1509) of England. Henry Tudor crowned on the battlefield after defeating Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485.