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Bio: I have an interest in history and also creating websites. I decided to combine those interests together, and created a number of websites with historical content over the years. The website were created using HTML and CSS. More recently, I have created and designed from scratch the 'Horizon' WordPress Theme. Surprisingly the theme is designed for history based websites. The journey continues, developing the theme, and improving on SEO.

vice-admiral lord horatio nelson, by lemuel francis abbott
Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson

Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805) British naval commander, naval victories against the French during the Napoleonic Wars.

hms hood, 17th march 1924
Battle of the Denmark Strait

HMS Hood, the pride of the Royal Navy sunk by the mighty German Bismarck at the Battle of the Denmark Strait on 24th May 1941.

royal navy battleship hms nelson fires a full broadside with her nine 16-inch guns in the mediterranean near gibraltar, 1st august 1942
Battle of the Atlantic

Battle of Atlantic a continuous military campaign lasting the whole period of World War II (1939-1945) between Allied and Axis forces.

british soldiers waiting during the phoney war, 1939
Phoney War in Britain

Phoney War was a eight-month period of time after the declaration of war by Britian and France against Nazi Germany during 1939

british evacuation of children during 1940
Evacuation during the Blitz

The evacuation of children from British towns and cities gave temporarily protection from the Blitz during the Second World War.

king edward iv (1422-1483)
King Edward IV

Edward IV (1422-1483) Earl of Marsh, Duke of York, then twice King of England during the War of the Roses.

king henry vi (1421-1471)
King Henry VI

King Henry VI (1421-1471) of England. Inherited the throne at 9 months old, became King of France. The last king of the Lancastrian dynasty.

spitfires being produced in a factory during early 1940s.
Britains Economy during War

Britains Economy during the war relied on the British Empire and Commonwealth, then financial and other aid from the United States in 1940-41

the battle of new orleans, 1815
Battle of New Orleans 1815

Battle of New Orleans in 1815 between the British and Americans was the last battle of the War of 1812, with the Treaty of Ghent.

death of major-general robert ross at the battle of baltimore
Battle of Baltimore 1814

Battle of Baltimore between British and Americans, Royal Navy Siege of Fort McHenry in 1814 was a land and sea Battle of the War of 1812.