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Graham Day
Bio: Has an interest in history for quite sometime, creating a number of historical websites through the past years. Creator of the Horizon theme, mainly aimed at websites built by WordPress for historical content.

german mercenaries being felled at the battle of stoke field in 1487
Stoke 1487

The Battle of Stoke – 16th June 1487

richard III at the battle of bosworth
Bosworth 1485

The Battle of Bosworth – 22nd August 1485

the battle of tewkesbury 1471
Tewkesbury 1471

The Battle of Tewkesbury – 4th May 1471

mistaken identity at the battle of barnet 1471
Barnet 1471

The Battle of Barnet – 14th April 1471

english rose emblems - The red rose of the house of lancaster and the white rose of the house of york combined to make the dual coloured tudor rose.
Losecote Field 1470

The Battle of Losecote Field (Empingham) – 12th March 1470