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Edgecote Moor 1469

The Battle of Edgecote Moor – 26th July 1469

After eight years of rule, King Edward IV began to alienate many of the nobles including Warwick because of his marriage to Elizabeth Woodville and his alliances with Burgundy.

12th July 1469 Warwick and Clarence declared their support for the Lancastrians.

the battle of edgecote moor 1469
The Battle of Edgecote Moor 1469 – painted by Marek Szyszko

King Edward IV rallied an army to put down an uprising in Yorkshire. He was intercepted by a Lancastrian force and swiftly defeated. Meanwhile the Earl of Warwick and Edward’s brother, George the Duke of Clarence, had already landed from Calais and were on their way to join forces with Robin of Redesdale, field leader of the Lancastrian force.

18th July 1469 Warwick left London at the head of a large army to reinforce the Lancastrians.

26th July 1469 The Earl of Devon and his Welsh archers were some miles away, having stayed the night in a neighbouring village.

The Lancastrians attacked across the river forcing The Earl of Pembroke to retreat and pull his men back some distance. Pembroke was attacked again in his new position, he managed to hold off the advance of the Lancastrians while reinforcements arrived. The Earl of Devon was rapidly advancing with all his men, but at the same time the advance guard of the Earl of Warwick’s army arrived on the battlefield the morale of the Lancastrians was instantly boosted.

Seeing Warwick’s livery amongst the enemy, Pembroke’s men presumed his whole force of expert soldiers was upon them. Shortly afterwards the Pembroke’s army broke and fled the field, before Devon could even reinforce them.

After the battle, The Earl of Warwick ordered his brother George Neville, the archbishop of York, to intercept and capture King Edward IV. The Earl of Pembroke and his brother Sir Richard Herbert were captured and executed the following day. The Earl of Devon was executed a few days later.

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