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Hedgeley Moor 1464

The Battle of Hedgeley Moor – 2nd April 1464

The Duke of Somerset tried to ambush Lord Montagu (brother of 16th Earl of Warwick) near Newcastle, but Lord Montagu was able to evade this attempt. Lord Montagu continued his journey northwards gathering more men as he went, when he reached Hedgeley Moor he had an army of around 5,000 men.

The Duke of Somerset commanded an army of around 5,000 which also included Sir Ralph Percy, Lord Hungerford, Lord Ros and Sir Ralph Grey.

The battle began with the normal exchange of archery between the two armies, Lord Montagu advanced across the moorland, only to be forced to halt and readjust his lines. When the Lancastrian left flank, under Lord Hungerford and Lord Ros of some 2,000 men fled the battlefield, they left Sir Ralph Percy with his household retainers who made a brave last stand which was not to last long. Sir Ralph Percy’s troops were crushed and Percy himself was struck down and killed.

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