War of the Roses

Battle of Mortimor's Cross

Date: 2nd February 1461   Victory: Yorkist
House of York
Edward (7th Earl of March)      
House of Lancaster
Sir Owen Tudor   Jasper Tudor (1st Earl of Pembroke)

When Edward, the Earl of March, heard of the disaster at Wakefield he decided to march east to meet up with the Earl of Warwick in London.

During his movement he became aware of a Lancastrian force located in central Wales. Edward decided to change direction and engage the enemy. His army of mostly Welshmen routed the Lancastrian army of mercenaries from France and Ireland and Welshmen.

Yorkist archers were positioned at a crossroads in order to halt the Lancastrian advance.

The Earl of Pembroke's army was about a thousand men smaller than Edwards. The Lancastrians commenced the attack with James Butler (5th Earl of Ormond) leading the first assault and forcing Edward's right wing to retreat across the road, where this flank dissolved. Pembroke faced Edward's centre division and was held off, then Owen Tudor attempted an encirclement of the Yorkist left wing, he was defeated and a rout commenced. Pembroke's centre then also broke and the battle was won by Edward. Owen Tudor's men fled as far as seventeen miles to Hereford.

2nd February 1461 Owen was captured and beheaded along with other prisoners.

After the battle Edward continued his march east to join Warwick near London, within two months Edward would be crowned king.