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The Napoleonic Period (1799-1815), the period Napoleon Bonaparte was the Ruler of France. The Napoleonic War (1803-1815), a series of conflicts against the French Empire. King George III feared a French invasion led by Napoleon. Hostilities ended between Great Britain and France during the French Revolutionary Wars, with the Treaty of Amiens in 1802.

Great Britain became the United Kingdom, after absorbing Ireland in 1803. However, in the same year war resumed with France again.

A victory under the commander Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson at Battle of Trafalgar, against French and Spanish fleets. Britain now dominated the sea with the Royal Navy, trade and the empire expanded.

Britian in 1808, supported Spain and Portugal during the Peninsular War. A series of battles against the invading French, came to an end in 1814. The French army were expelled from the Iberian Peninsula back to France.

In 1812, United States declared war against the British Empire, commonly known as the War of 1812. During this period, a series of land and sea battles between the British and Americans raged. The Treaty of Ghent was signed, ending the war in 1815.

Peace briefly resumed in 1814, Emperor Napoleon I exiled to the Mediterranean island Elba. He escaped back into France in 1815 and built up the French army again.

The British and their allies had to fight Napoleon again, at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. The battle resulted in a British led victory for the Duke of Wellington Arthur Wellesley.

Napoleon surrendered and exiled to the island of Elba. The Napoleonic War and the Napoleonic Period had come to an end.

the 88th foot at the battle of salamanca, 1812
Peninsular War 1808-1814

Battles fought in Peninsular War, Napoleons French army opposed by Britian, Spain, and Portugal commanded by the Duke of Wellington.

defence of buenos aires by the tercio de gallegos
Buenos Aires Campaign 1806-1807

The campaign of the River Plate in Buenos Aires during 1806 against the Spanish, ended with a British defeat in 1807.

british royal marines disembarking from a task-force fleet in boats at aboukir bay 1801
Egyptian Campaign 1801-1802

British expeditionary force sent to Egypt in 1801, the Egyptian Campaign against Napoleons army ended with the Treaty of Amiens in 1802.

the last effort and fall of tipu sultan 1799
Indian Campaign 1799-1806

Anglo-Mysore Wars between the Kingdom of Mysore against the British East India Company during the Indian Campaign in south India 1799-1806.

english troops at calantsoog, north holland 1799
Helder Campaign 1799

The Helder Campaign was an Anglo-Russian invasion of the North Holland peninsula, against the Franco-Batavian army during 1799.

irish rebellion 1798
Irish Rebellion 1798

The Irish Rebellion, an uprising against British rule in Ireland during 1798. The United Irishmen were defeated, resulting British victory.

the capture of fort saint louis, martinique
West Indies Campaign 1793-1798

Britain fought for French and Spanish territories in the West Indies Campaign, biggest killer to the British was disease from the islands.

battle of fleurus 1794
Flanders Campaign 1793-1795

Duke of York Flanders Campaign, British expeditionary army began with victory in 1793, eventually unsuccessful against the French in 1794.

destruction of the french fleet at toulon
Siege of Toulon 1793

An Allied force led by Admiral Hood lay Siege of Toulon, Napoleon a young captain of the French army repelled the attack of 1793.